Activity Wizard

The Activity Wizard is an assessment tool that allows you to create highly specific networking scenarios for other users. You can simply create activities with instructions, an initial network, and an answer network. User can also create more dynamic activities with the Variable Manager and design them using Evidence Centered Design methodologies using the Scoring Model.

This tool is particularly useful for instructors creating activities for students to complete. When students start an activity, they are presented with an initial network and a set of instructions. Students follow the instructions to complete the activity, and then they can check their finished network with the instructor's answer network. Instructors have full control over all aspects of the activity. The typical sequence for creating an activity is as follows:

  1. Create the answer network and set the assessment items, connectivity tests, and overall feedback.
  2. Create the initial network, which will be the students' starting point. Typically, this network is similar to the finished answer network but with specific features missing, devices with missing configurations and/or devices with misconfigured features. Alternatively, a blank initial network may also be used.
  3. Optionally, put constraints on the students' ability to use certain features during the activity.
  4. Optionally, set up the Variable Manager to add dynamism to the activity.
  5. Optionally, use the Scoring Model and Scripting engine in place of the assessment tree to create complex scoring rules for the grading of activities.
  6. Write a clear set of instructions for the activity.
  7. Password-protect the activity to prevent unauthorized changes to activity parameters.
  8. Save the activity.

Before opening the Activity Wizard, be sure to save your work on the workspace. Packet Tracer will clear the workspace when closing the Activity Wizard.

You can access the Activity Wizard from the Extension menu. When you do so, you have the option to use the existing workspace as the answer network.

A welcome screen that explains the basic steps to create an activity (similar to this page) will appear. You can then click on any of the pages in the Activity Menu (on the left) to edit the various aspects of the activity.

After going through the various panels to create the activity, select Save from the Activity Menu to save the activity. Packet Tracer activity are saved in the .pka file format.

Choose Exit from the Activity Menu to exit the Activity Wizard. Note that the workspace will be cleared after you exit, so remember to save your files.