Configuring ASA

The Config tab for the ASA offers four general levels of configuration: global, clientless vpn, switching, and interface. The global level, switching and interface levels offer the same settings as a switch. Note that the Config tab provides an alternative to the CLI only for some simple, common features; to access the full set of ASA commands that have been modeled you must use the CLI tab.

Throughout your configurations in the Config tab, the lower window will display the equivalent CLI commands for all your actions.


Global Settings, Algorithm Settings, VLAN Database, Interface

For these sections of the Config tab, please refer to the Switches page as they function similarly with the ASA config tab


Clientless VPN

Clientless SSL VPN (WebVPN) allows for limited but valuable secure access to the network from any location. A remote client needs only an SSL-enabled web browser to access http- or https-enabled web servers.

The Bookmark Manager is modeled after ASDM (Adaptive Security Device Manager). A bookmark is similar to a web browser bookmark which contains a name/title and an URL.

The User Manager provides a GUI interface allowing bookmarks to be assigned to valid users. The users are created using ASA CLI command username. When a user accesses the ASA via a browser, the ASA prompts for the username and password. After the authentication, if the user was assigned a bookmark, the bookmark will be show to the user allowing access to the corresponding URL.