Time Constants

Packet Tracer uses the following time constants:

RIP/RIPv6 default update

30 secs

RIP/RIPv6 default timeout

3 mins

RIP/RIPv6 default flush timeout 4 mins
RIP/RIPv6 default hold-down 3 mins
MAC table entry timeout 5 mins
ARP request timer 2 secs
ARP table entry timeout 4 hrs
CDP update timer 1 min
CDP neighbor hold-down timer 3 mins
DHCP client timeout 5 secs
CSMA/CD waiting time to resend random
LMI timeout 15 secs
LMI signaling 5 secs
Inverse ARP 30 secs
HDLC keepalive 5 secs
HDLC timeout 15 secs
NAT/NAT-PT entries timeout Depends on the encapsulation protocol
NAT/NAT-PT entry encapsulated in a UDP 5 mins
NAT/NAT-PT entry encapsulated in a TCP 24 hrs
NAT/NAT-PT entry encapsulated in a ICMP 1 min
CHAP timeout 5 secs
CHAP re-authenticate timeout 10 secs
DIALING no answer timeout 5 secs
DIALING no dial tone timeout 2 secs
PPP keepalive interval 5 secs
Timeout 15 secs
EIGRP/EIGRPv6 Hello time interval period 5 secs
EIGRP/EIGRPv6 Hold time interval period 15 secs
ICMP 1 ms
STP Max Age 20 secs
STP Hello 2 secs
STP Forward Delay 15 secs
STP Topology Change Notify Timer 2 secs
STP Topology Change Timer 35 secs
RSTP Migration Delay Timer 3 secs
OSPF/OSPFv3 SPF Hold Time 10 secs
OSPF/OSPFv3 LS Refresh Time 30 mins
OSPF/OSPFv3 SPF Delay Timer 5 secs
OSPF/OSPFv3 LSA Retransmission Time 5 secs
OSPF/OSPFv3 minimum LSA Arrival Time 1 sec
OSPF/OSPFv3 Delayed Acknowledgment Timer 2.5 secs
OSPF/OSPFv3 Dead Interval 40 secs
OSPF/OSPFv3 Hello 10 secs
OSPF/OSPFv3 Wait Interval 40 secs
TCP Connection Timeout 60 secs
TCP Initial Retransmission Timeout 300 msec
TCP Min Retransmission Timeout 50 msec
TCP Max Retransmission Timeout 1000 msec (1 sec)
TCP Inactivity Timeout 1 hour
TCP Close Timeout 10 secs
DNS Request Timeout 3 secs
DHCP Timeout 5 secs
DHCP Discovery Timeout 55 secs
DTP Hello 30 secs
DTP Timeout 5 mins
Password Timeout 30 secs
ND Neighbor Request Timer 2 secs
ND Neighbor Stale Timer 30 secs
ND Neighbor Timeout Timer 4 hrs
ND Router Solicitation Interval 4 secs
ND Router Advertisement Interval <= 16 secs
DHCPv6 Solicitation Timeout 1 sec
DHCPv6 Request Timeout 1 sec
LACP Initial Advertise Interval 1 sec
LACP Advertise Interval 30 secs
LACP Peer Timeout 90 secs
PAgP Initial Advertise Interval 1 sec
PAgP Advertise Interval 30 secs
PAgP Peer Timeout 90 secs
NTP Update Time 5 min
IKE Peer Default Timer 86400 sec
IPSec Peer default timer 3600 sec
CBAC/Zone Based TcpSyn Wait time 30 sec
CBAC/Zone Based TcpFin wait time 5 sec
CBAC/Zone Based Tcp Idle time 3600 sec
CBAC/Zone Based Udp Idle time 30 sec
CBAC/Zone Based Dns Timeout 5 sec
CBAC/Zone Based Icmp Timeout 10 sec
Outside Nat Udp time out value 300 sec
Outside Nat Tcp time out value 86400 sec (24hr)
Outside Nat Icmp time out value 60 sec
Outside Nat Standard time out value 86400sec (24 hr)
SNMP Request Timeout 10 sec
Voip Rtp keepAlive time 15 sec
Voip Rtp keepAlive wait time 90 sec
Voip Sccp keepAlive timer 30 sec
Voip Sccp retry timer 10 sec
PPPoE reset keepAlive time 30 sec
PPPoE authentication failed timer 10 sec
PPPoE keep alive timer 10 sec
PPPoE WRT300N connect timer 30 sec
PPPoE WRT300N timeout timer 30 sec
BGP hold down timer 180 sec
BGP connect retry timer 60 sec
BGP keep alive timer 60 sec