The Physical Workspace: Special Notes

Navigation Panel

You can click on the Navigation button from the Physical Workspace Bar to bring up the navigation panel of the entire Physical Workspace. The navigation panel contains a physical locations tree that allows you to select a location and then jump to that particular location on the Physical Workspace. The Navigation panel also allows you to move devices from one place to another in physical mode. This is covered in the Moving Devices section.


Applying a Grid

You can click on the Grid button from the Physical Workspace Bar to apply a customizable grid to the Intercity, City, Building and Generic Containers. The Grid tool allows you to set the grid spacing for each container type and the ability to choose the color of the grid lines. The grid size is in meters and grid size is affected by the Set Background image scaling factor.


Deleting Objects

You can use the Delete tool from the Common Tools Bar to delete cities, buildings, wiring closets and generic containers. If you delete a wiring closet from the Building environment, the devices in that closet will be extracted and placed directly onto the building "floor." If you delete that building from the City environment, the devices will be placed onto the city "streets."


Creating Devices

One can create devices in Physical Workspace in the same manner one would in Logical.



At the time of this writing Undo and Redo operations are not available in Physical Workspace. Instead whenever the user is performing a content changing operation (delete, paste, etc.), they will be prompted to confirm the operation. However, once such an operation is committed there is no way to undo it. Save your files often in order to preserve intermediate results to work around this limitation.